Date One – Is age a barrier?

Throughout my adult life I have lived by one rule when it comes to dating and relationships – don’t screw the crew.  Mainly because I want to be viewed as a professional at work, but also, I want to avoid being to topic of water cooler conversations.  This self-imposed rule was put to the test when a cute guy from work asked me out.

As it is #yearofthedate, its time to push through my normal boundaries and break a few rules… I said ‘yes’.  On a side note, I found him adorably cute and our paths in the office won’t cross much, both of which made it easier to break my rule.

We caught up one Friday night in January at a Mexican place we both enjoy.  He brought me dinner and I shouted the drinks.  Conversation was easy and we chatted about careers, past relationships, our mutual love of horror movies and travelling for around 6 hours.  It was a fun and easy date, clearly there was an attraction between us and we ended the night with a little kiss.

This was a nearly perfect dating scenario.  Attraction, easy conversation and loads of fun.  The only potential issue is his age – 23!  Is a 17 year age difference a big barrier for a relationship?  My friends would not call me an ‘ageist’ and they will tell you I do like the younger fellas, but are any of the following a reason to not go on another date with this guy:

  • He still lives at home with this parents and his mother still cooks and cleans for him?
  • He has just started his first job out of university and as such I assume I’m earning 3 to 4 times more cash than him?
  • He doesn’t have a car or a drivers licence?

So what do you think?  Should I head back out there for some Mexican with Mr 23?

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