Many years ago, a clairvoyant told me I wouldn’t find the love of my life until I was 40.  While I took the whole reading as a laugh, late last year I celebrated that significant milestone birthday and alias still single with no love of my life.

Could it be that this clairvoyant was right?  Perhaps this year it will happen?  The big dilemma is how will this happen in a world of casual hook-ups and disposal relationships?

Luckily for me, I have squad of beautiful blonde ladies who are in the same boat (or super yacht) to deliberate this over with while consuming adult beverages.   So as the new year ticked over a new attitude towards finding ‘the one’ was born – #yearofthedate

2018 is the year of the date.  We will date more, find new avenues to meet people and have less casual hook-ups ……hmmm maybe we will see about that last one.

Enjoy this voyage with us.

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