Date Four – The Self Soother

Lessons learnt from date three, meant that on date number four only soda water was consumed.  We met online and had planned to catch up a couple times, but due to changing work commitments I had to put him off for a number of weeks.  By this stage of Year of the Date, I was suffering from a little dose of dating fatigue so I made the date mid morning to limit the date time frame.

A recurring theme of tinder dates seems to be hearing about previous dating experiences.  Date Four had come up with specific geographical and professional requirements following a combination of failed dates.  These requirements include only dating women who lived inner city and had a high earning capacity.

Wow – what a way to limit to meeting your future partner!  When I pushed him more to expand on why, his true reason emerged.  He was concerned that women will only want him for his money!  Apparently he has more money than he can spend and for the next 20 minutes I heard what a struggle it is to spend his piles of cash.

Talking about money when you first meet someone is a turn off for me.  I’m not a women who is after someone to make me feel secure via money, I earn my own coin and can support myself financially to buy whatever I need.

After the hearing about his spending struggles, I learnt that he was a self soother and by self soother I mean a masturbater.  He had recently ended a relationship and to help himself sleep, he masturbates at 10 pm each night and then hugs a pillow to sooth himself off to dreamland.

Not embarrassed about his self soothing behaviour, he later told me another story about how his neighbour knocked on his door one night and caught him madly masturbating.  Now everyone masturbates right, I just don’t think we all bring it up in conversation within an hour of meeting someone new.

Perhaps he can use his self soothing techniques to assist with him with the disappointment of me not wishing to see him again…. but please sir, don’t use me as your inspiration.

The search continues……


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