Date 3 – Keeping the purity pledge

Valentines day, what does it mean to you?  Is it a day of romance, roses and champagne or a commercialised, overpriced fake holiday?  For me, it’s the latter, romance should occur on any random day, not forced on one day a year.

This ‘year of the date’, a Tinder chap boldly asked to meet me on this world-wide forced day of romance.  The plan was to meet up after work at a city park, where he would arrange to prepare a picnic of wine and snacks.

The weather put a sweaty dampener on this plan.  It was the kind of day that you work up a full body sweat, just by simply blinking.  So the summer heat and 80% humidity pushed us indoors to an air-conditioned pub, where many beverages were consumed.

Conversation flowed as easily as the bar staff pulled the beers.  When the pub closed we moved onto another venue and continued with the talking/drinking.  While he was having a comfort break, I overheard an older gentlemen’s conversation to his friend, particularly the line ‘it is the biggest regret of my life’.  I was sucked in straight away and given my tipsy state asked him what is this regret?

Turns out, when he was 9 years old he had the biggest crush on a girl in his class and this continued through to high school.  They both went their separate ways after finishing school, but he always thought about her and even though he got married (3 times!) no other women compared.

They randomly bumped into each other recently and she told him she has always fancied him.  This literally crushed him to know if he had of been confident and honest when he was younger, he could have had the girl of his dreams.

Old mate and his friend chatted to us for a round or two and then we left the establishment and had a few little (and big) pashes on the street.  We both expressed that we had a great time and then he expressed his desire to take things further back to his bedroom.

If this had of been a random Friday night encounter, it would have been an easy yes decision.  He’s a fit, cute rugby man with a pretty decent kissing ability.  But given it is Year of the Date, the focus is on dating and not one nighters, I politely declined and we headed off to our own homes.

While we both said we had a great time, neither of us have contacted each other again to arrange other date.  I did feel an attraction and it was a fairly successful date, but a good Irish lad I know says he is keen he will make an effort and contact me, so …….

the search continues


Wisdom from this dating experience includes:  1) don’t drink and date,  2) don’t date on hot & humid days when you know this weather makes you horny and 3) Old mate advice for the young men out there is ‘if you really feel something, say something’.